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  • Are you tired of the lack of results from traditional dating and online services?
  • Have you tried searching only to be disappointed time and again?
  • Are you ready to use a powerful new, proven method, so you can finally Attract Your One True Love?

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The SelfLove Revolution
Sunday, July 23rd
Experience True Self Love.

Love Coaching

1 You too can experience the love of your life. Kathleen is a master at empowering people to attract their soulmate. Teaching you and the love of your life to have a deep and everlasting relationship.                                                        .Read More…


2 Join Kathleen Live: Choose from one day workshop, The LoveShop or weekend workshops like “Attracting Your Soulmate,” “Living Your Vision” or an “Empowerment” 3-month program. Kathleen has something for everyone who is seeking more love and happiness.              .Read More


3 Kathleen is a dynamic and masterful story teller, inspiring and entertaining her audience. Her wisdom and experience gives listeners a refreshing perspective on love and life. When Kathleen speaks everyone is on the edge of their chair and leaves uplifted, hopeful and ready to take action to create their best possible life and relationships.                  Read More…


4 Kathleen has co-written 4 books, all of which have been number one on the best sellers list. They all contain personal stories with insight and revelations. Along with practical tools you can apply for your own personal growth. Read More…

Free Resources

5 Enjoy Kathleen’s insightful interviews available for you to access. You will hear it is possible to have Soulmate Love and a Purposeful Life.                  Read More…

I was amazed to find that all of the visions I had written down that weekend had come true.Doreen Marino
My marriage is at a new depth of love and respect. My life is far more balanced and less demanding.Susan Duling
I decided to go to Kathleen to figure it out and get beyond my past. It Worked!!Bill L.