What is your Valentine?

What is your Valentine?

We usually ask, Who will be my Valentine? – which can bring up a myriad of uncomfortable answers.

For those who are in a romantic relationship, we tend to think romance is a ‘shoe in’. Wait a minute – is it? Take a look at your expectations of the Day and of your partner. Will they remember? Will they give you what you want or what they want? Is the pleasure measured in dollars or designed by Hallmark? Are your expectations a secret, and you hope your partner can break the code?

I remember in the first year of my relationship many years ago, I wanted an angora sweater that I had on layaway for Valentines Day. I was sure he would get the hint. No. What did I get? A beautifully wrapped box with a bow, and upon opening it I found a piece of meat! EEK! (My partner was a meat cutter and thought that was the most wonderful thing he could give me to cook for our romantic dinner.) Now, for those of you that are single – Valentines Day can be one of the hardest Holidays of all. It seems to be an exclusive Holiday and it doesn’t seem to include us. You ask, Should I hide? Hope a friend remembers? Act like I don’t care? Whether you are in a romantic relationship or single – read on – Love is on its way!

Valentines Day is the day of Love.

Where did we get the idea it can only come from another? When the question is, Who? It does seem to point to another. When the question is, Where? We draw a blank. When the question is, What?, the answer is clearly Love. This leads us to a completely different inquiry… What do I want to experience on Valentines Day? Partnered or single – there is only one question, and Love is the answer. “With Real Love nothing else matters. Without it, nothing else is enough.” Alone or with another, how can Love be your experience?

Actually Love is who we are! Think back to a time when your heart was so full of Love you felt like you were going to burst. Where do you think that feeling of Love came from? Prior to this feeling showing up, there was an equivalent thought, activating what was already existing inside you, however, prior to that moment, it was dormant (suppressed or cut off by ego thoughts). Could that feeling of Love come from something outside your self? How could it? Human Beings are self-contained, and our feelings are generated from within.

Notice that fleeting thoughts of gratitude and acknowledgments not expressed, are Love withheld. Express Love to those around you who touch your heart, and empower your True Self. Tap into your feelings of gratitude for Blessings in your Life, and live in the experience of Love. Take some time to be your own Valentine. Do something nice for yourself. Take a few moments to acknowledge and validate yourself for the amazing and perfect Being you are.

“Do not worry about what others are doing. Turn the searchlight inward and purify your own heart.” – Gandhi

Kathleen E. Sims, is a Certified Relationship & Life Coach. She has lived 4 decades with her SoulMate, and has chosen a Life of Service aligned with her Passions and Life Purpose.

Kathleen has empowered both, Singles and Couples, to have True Love and Deep Meaning in their lives. She’s had the honor of teaching International Teleseminars on Creating Your Heart’s Desires, utilizing Universal Principles. A graduate of the University of Science and Philosophy, she is asked to speak regularly at singles organizations, and has hosted ‘The New You’ radio show in San Francisco. For Free Resources to nurture more Love in your life go to her website: http://www.kathleenthelovecoach.com
Kathleen has co-authored four #1 bestselling books. The first with Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracey and others, “Wake Up Moments of Inspiration”, ‘Wake Up Women’, with women from ‘The Secret’, ‘A Juicy, Joyful Life’ and ‘Embracing Your Authentic Self’ – with a powerful group of like-minded women dedicated to making a difference in the world.
These can all be found at:http://kathleenthelovecoach.com/products/books/

You can have the experience of True Love in this Lifetime!
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