Best Selling Books Co-Authored by Kathleen Sims

Book-EYAS-170wEmbracing Your Authentic Self

At a time when many women are facing life-altering decisions and unexpected challenges, the opportunity to see inside the lives of women who have overcome all obstacles to find, embrace and live the truth of who they truly are is not only inspirational, but invaluable. The twenty-six stories in this book contain the intimate trials and celebrations of how these brave, determined women transformed their lives and stepped into the world with love.

The original stories contained in Embracing Your Authentic Self, including the story by Kathleen E. Sims, are honest, funny, touching, and sometimes raw. They invite readers to come along for the ride: to laugh, cry, rejoice, and above all, to utilize the wisdom of those who came before to create a life filled with happiness, acceptance, abundance, and joy.

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JuicyJoyfulLife-170wLiving A Juicy Joyful Life!

Journey within, guided by the wisdom, insights and stories of over 41 exceptional women who share the most intimate moments of their journey to authenticity, self discovery and the a-ha moment, leading up to their choice to live a juicy, joyful life.

Kathleen E. Sims returns for her second book A Juicy, Joyful Life which is much more than an anthology – it’s a woman’s trail guide to discovering her own authentic story. Each original narrative is followed by three thought-provoking Juicy Questions and a journaling page, to help you delve deeper into the lessons presented within each unique and heart-felt story.

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WakeUpWomenWake Up Women – Be Happy Health and Wealthy

Kathleen E. Sims, and other well-known Co-Authors, share their Stories and Tools. Finally a Book written by women and for women. They  speak directly to the core of Who You Are and Who You Want to Become. In the book Wake Up Women it will show you how to change Your Life and change the World!

Inspiring, life-changing stories by Kathleen Sims and other eminent Co-Authors from the movie ‘The Secret’. Discover the courage to alter your thoughts, your perceptions, and ultimately change your life, as you read these transformational experiences. It is filled with ‘Golden Nuggets’ of guidance, tools, and processes that will ignite your unique sense of Self as a Women and empower you to Manifest Your Dreams!

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momentsbigWake Up Moments of Inspiration!

Kathleen E. Sims, has also Co-Authored this wonderfully inspiring book with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Ernie Hudson and others. The personal accounts of breakthrough moments reflected in these stories will open your heart and inspire deep change in you.

Kathleen E. Sims, and dozens of like-minded inspirational speakers, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs and counselors, have come together to recall and share their vital moment of personal epiphany.
Wake Up Moments, change your life forever. It comes as if in a dream; it hits you when you least expect it. It might come as the culmination of study, or the result of a crisis, fear or loss. Reading these very personal accounts, gets to ‘the Heart of the Matter’ – yours and mine – and sheds light on the Blessings they bring.

$14.95 plus S. & H.
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Coming Soon is Kathleen’s new book!
“Evolutionary Love – The Secret to Finding True Love and a Lasting Relationship”

She dives deep into the mysteries of Love.